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  • Committed to Our Community

    Monty and his wife, Pam, are raising their two daughters in our community.

  • Protecting Seniors

    As our Senator, Monty passed legislation to protect seniors from fraud.

  • Education for All

    Monty will continue to fight for pre-K educational opportunities for all of Virginia's children.

  • Working Together

    Monty has worked across the aisle to protect seniors from fraud, develop training for new teachers and provide educational opportunities to veterans.

  • William and Mary Graduate

    Monty Mason, a graduate himself, works with William and Mary students, faculty, and administration to help support the college and its students.

Senator Monty Mason

Senator Monty Mason serves the Peninsula's 1st Senate District, including parts of James City County, York County, the City of Hampton, the City of Suffolk, the City of Newport News and all of the City of Williamsburg.  As our Senator he is focused on protecting seniors, serving our veterans, creating opportunities for small businesses and improving education for Virginia's children. He was named a "Legislative Hero" three years in a row by the League of Conservation Voters for his voting record to protect our environment.  He also earned the "Solid as a Rock" award from the Virginia Education Association for his week to improve education in the Commonwealth.

The Latest

Caring for the community through service to older adults

December 6, 2017News Clip

Riverside’s Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health (CEALH) Celebrates 15 Years

At the turn of the century, a group of innovative men and women in Williamsburg looked ahead and saw the oncoming age wave – the 80 million American Baby Boomers turning 65 and older – that would change the face of demographics and the scope of services needed in communities across the nation.

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Newport News elected officials tour high school academies

November 29, 2017News ClipNewport News City Council, School Board members and Virginia state legislators were among a group that toured Warwick and Heritage high schools' Governor's Academies Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017.

Del. David Yancey leaned a little bit closer to talk to Angeles Rojas as she lay on a hospital bed.

Rojas, a sophomore at Warwick High School, was presenting signs of the flu, according to Kailynn Rodriguez, a classmate. Rodriguez donned a white lab coat as she strapped a blood-pressure cuff on Rojas.

“I don’t know, that’s kind of high,” Yancey said right before Rojas’ numbers were final: 130 over 85.

“Is it because you’re talking to a legislator?” he joked. “Are we going to have to amputate?”

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Interested in being a part of the new Governor's administration?

November 14, 2017Blog Post

Ralph Northam as a great person and will be an excellent Governor of Virginia. He is now hiring! Everyone who is interested in a job in the Northam Administration, whether as a Cabinet Secretary or an entry-level special assistant, must submit a resume through this website. Be as specific as possible in conveying what role you would like in the administration in your cover letter. This is an excellent opportunity to serve the 73rd Governor of Virginia. Please share with your friends and family if you know anyone interested.

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