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“The process of qualifying for the primary ballot has been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the people of the 93rd at their doorsteps,” Mason said in a news release. “I’m excited to run again and would be honored to serve another term as Delegate.”


Delegate Monty Mason (D-93rd District) attended the meeting to learn more about the program. He said that his office gets numerous calls regarding questions about available resources to help those with mental illness or intellectual impairment. He is hopeful models like Fairweather Lodge may catch on locally or regionally.

"You have to start the conversation," Mason said. "You have to make people aware that these types of programs are there."


"It's huge. The thing I was least prepared for when I started this job was people trying to find help for their families and children. What a critical need. There's been some movement in this area with the new drop-off center," said Del. Monty Mason, D-Williamsburg, referencing the opening last year of a crisis center at Riverside Doctors' Hospital in Williamsburg.


The General Assembly adjourned its regular 2015 session Friday night, after 2,500 bills passed through the two Houses since the middle of January.  We will be back in Richmond in April to take action on changes the Governor makes on legislation.  In the meantime, here are updates on some of the important legislation passed.

What are voters concerned about in the 93rd District of the House of Delegates?

The Virginia General Assembly has just reached the halfway mark in its 2015 legislation session and I would like to take a moment to report our progress on critical issues to you.  Each chamber of the legislature has now passed their bills to the other chamber for consideration to become law in Virginia.