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Delegate Monty Mason

Delegate Monty Mason is fighting for you.  Monty is working to create jobs and improve education at all levels.  He graduated from William and Mary and lives in Williamsburg.

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Hurricane Joaquin Preparation

October 1, 2015Blog Post

The National Hurricane Center has recently issued a Hurricane Warning for the Commonwealth. As you may have heard on recent weather reports, the exact path of Hurricane Joaquin is proving difficult to predict because of other weather systems on the east coast, but the potential path of the hurricane includes our area. Governor McAuliffe issued a state of emergency for the state yesterday at 5pm, in preparation for the expected flooding and dangerous weather. In addition, his office has scheduled a call with state legislators this evening to discuss how the Commonwealth and emergency departments are preparing for the potentially severe weather this weekend. My office will be sure to pass along information as we learn more. We ask that residents do not travel during dangerous conditions and that you make plans to relocate if that should become necessary.

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Nov 15: House District 93

September 14, 2015News Clip

This positioning is further supported by Mason’s activity as a representative. I don’t live in the district but I’m quite aware of his constituent outreach and services. His is a model that many successful pols undertake and usually with good results. It is often what allows a pol to stay in office long after the demographics of the district have changed.

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Legislators Visit W&M Camp to Support Science Education

July 22, 2015News Clip

Mason also saw parallels between the issues students grappled with at the camp and issues he faces in his work as a state representative. He was impressed with how enthusiastically the students tackled big questions, like how to get people to care about issues of environmental preservation and sustainability.

“STEM education will help Virginia students compete for 21st century jobs and shape the new Virginia economy,” Mason said. “This is the next generation that will tackle significant changes in our environment and help find the solutions to complex issues in our rapidly changing world.”

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Legislators visit VISTA camp during its final year at W&M

July 21, 2015News Clip

As Mason walked among the students on the final day of their camp, he greeted some familiar faces – one child recalled dunking him at a festival, another had asked for his signed photo – and listened to their pitches for proposed turtle habitats and amusement park additions. He asked questions about their projects, some of which he himself has had to deal with on another level, such as “How do you make people care?”

“I was impressed with the level of work that they were doing and the knowledge base, and it’s also really neat that they do the work but then they have to present it to their parents and to us,” he said. “That’s a really big deal because that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. So they’ve learned about it, but now they have to have the confidence to tell people about it and explain it and answer random questions from people like me who want to know more. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it.”

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