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Delegate Monty Mason

Delegate Monty Mason is fighting for you.  Monty is working to create jobs and improve education at all levels.  He graduated from William and Mary and lives in Williamsburg.

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Virginia Education Association Presents Monty Mason with “Solid as a Rock" Award

May 20, 2015Blog Post

The Virginia Education Association presented Monty Mason with their “Solid as a Rock” Award yesterday.  The award is given to legislators who have a perfect record of supporting pro-education legislation for two years in a row.

Monty Mason has a long history of fighting to improve public education, both as a Delegate and a community member.  He is a long-time volunteer of Child Development Resources where they work to help children with developmental disabilities or delays.  In the General Assembly Monty has made it a priority to support Virginia teachers and students.  He has championed standards of learning reforms and advocated for expanding Pre-K.

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VDOT Shows Off Plans to Widen I-64 to Water Country

May 1, 2015News Clip

Del. Monty Mason (D-93) attended Thursday’s hearing. He said it is great to see an “aggressive timeline” for work to start on the project.

“The Peninsula needs serious attention and to the credit of [the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, which allocates money toward regional road projects], they’re giving it to us,” he said. “We’ve got to keep the momentum up.”

Mason said phase three of the project, which would widen the road from where phase two ends to near Lightfoot (Exit 234), is important to avoid setting up a bottleneck near Water Country USA.

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I-64 Widening Project Hearing

April 28, 2015Blog Post

On April 16, the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission unanimously approved the funding for segment two of the I-64 widening project. This is the second of three segments in expanding the interstate from Newport News to the Lightfoot exit.

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Delegate Monty Mason, Volunteers Help Clean College Creek

April 22, 2015News Clip

“The Peninsula is defined by our waterways and watersheds,” Mason said in a news release. “This is a great community event and a chance to work together on something vitally important to all of us.”

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