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Delegate Monty Mason

Delegate Monty Mason is fighting for you.  Monty is working to create jobs and improve education at all levels.  He graduated from William and Mary and lives in Williamsburg.

The Latest

Delegate Monty Mason, Volunteers Help Clean College Creek

April 22, 2015News Clip

“The Peninsula is defined by our waterways and watersheds,” Mason said in a news release. “This is a great community event and a chance to work together on something vitally important to all of us.”

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Delegate Mason's Legislative Update

April 14, 2015Blog Post

Since the General Assembly adjourned in late February, I’ve had the opportunity to spend my time in our communities, talking to people who do some incredible work to make the Peninsula a better place to live.  I want to share some of the great events and programs going on and also give you more information about our “Reconvened Session,” which happens tomorrow.  The Virginia Assembly will act on bills that were enrolled during our regular session but amended by Governor McAuliffe.

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Mason Files Paperwork to Seek Second Term in House of Delegates

March 25, 2015News Clip

“The process of qualifying for the primary ballot has been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the people of the 93rd at their doorsteps,” Mason said in a news release. “I’m excited to run again and would be honored to serve another term as Delegate.”

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Coalition for Community Living holds mid-year board meeting in Williamsburg

March 19, 2015News Clip

Delegate Monty Mason (D-93rd District) attended the meeting to learn more about the program. He said that his office gets numerous calls regarding questions about available resources to help those with mental illness or intellectual impairment. He is hopeful models like Fairweather Lodge may catch on locally or regionally.

"You have to start the conversation," Mason said. "You have to make people aware that these types of programs are there."

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