Bring Common Sense to Richmond

  • Women’s rights are human rights
    • There is no better example of the surge to the right than the requirement of medically unnecessary procedures, onerous building code requirements, and the constant attack on a woman’s right to choose under the guise of it being for their protection.  We need to stop any legislation that puts government between a woman and her doctor.
  • Personhood Amendment
    • HB1 would have given a fertilized egg the same rights, privileges, and immunities granted to a person.  This brings forms of birth control into question as well as successful in vitro-fertilization efforts that have provided families to thousands of parents across the nation. Dr. Howard Jones, one of the pioneers of in vitro-fertilization wrote, “Despite a provision in the bill that said it would not apply to “lawful assisted contraception,” I am concerned about the potentially devastating consequences of these proposals on the practice of in vitro fertilization.”
  • Equal Rights for ALL people
    • Equality for ALL regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation is a must in our country and state.  Discrimination based on these or any other distinction is unacceptable and that fact will be obvious in the 21st Century.  We must overturn the Marshall/Newman “Hate Amendment” and pass legislation making workplace discrimination for LGBT persons illegal in our Colleges, Universities, and state government.  Our next Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam said it best, “equality is winning and our society is moving in a positive direction.”
  • Voter Rights
    • In an era that we should be doing everything in our power to increase voter participation the legislature has turned back the clock with an eye towards voter suppression.  Voter ID laws with the absence of evidence of fraud and restrictive absentee laws reduce turnout and disproportionately impact certain segments of society.