• Early Childhood Education 
    • My five year old is ready to enter Kindergarten at Matthew Whaley next year.  One in seven kindergartners arrive on their first day without basic reading skills.  The prohibitive cost of early childhood educational programs means that these programs are reserved only for those who can afford it, or who are able to get into subsidized programs such as Head Start. This creates a system where a group of students enter school with a significant disadvantage compared to their peers.  We should strive to have all children enter our educational system with a strong foundation in order to provide the same high quality education to all students, not just those who can afford it. 
  •  Overturn the A-F grading system for schools
    • We are all for accountability in our schools but this is an absurdly simplistic approach to a complex problem.  The portion of this legislation that also allows the state to take over failing schools also seems to be an unconstitutional power grab by the state from elected school boards and county/city governments.  
  • Pay our teachers and properly fund our schools
    • Teacher pay in Virginia ranks 30th in the nation.  That has to change.  We have some of the best colleges and universities in the country, but we are pricing out Virginia students and making it too difficult for families to send their children to our elite public colleges and universities. I will fight to ensure that families are able to both access and afford education for the duration of a child’s life, from pre-k through our colleges and universities.