• Properly utilize the new transportation dollars
    • We must make the best use of the new transportation dollars as possible because we have gotten so far behind that this new money is just a part of the solution.  We must have an accounting of bridges and tunnels that are decaying and focus on fixing existing infrastructure while expanding our road system.  The third crossing for Hampton Roads is vital to the long term growth of the ports and naval base.
  • Widening Interstate 64 to Richmond
    • Widening 64 up to Williamsburg to 199 is a start but simply “kicks the can up the road”.  The improvement of the Fort Eustis interchange is long overdue and welcome but we must determine how to cross Queen’s Creek and utilize existing right of ways to get three lanes to Richmond.  If not, the bottleneck today at Jefferson becomes the future traffic jam on 199 as travelers exit to get around the bottleneck coming to Williamsburg.
  • Reliable Rail Travel
    • We must increase the reliability of rail travel on the Virginia Peninsula.  Longer term we need to look at high speed rail on the 95 corridor from Washington to Richmond.  This is not an inexpensive proposition but will enhance tourism and be another step to alleviating congestion on our roads.